Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Weird Music Marketing Ideas: Part 2

Use Your Business Card To Promote Your Favorite Lyrics

On the front cover of a folded card, place a catchy lyric from one of your songs. Inside, or some place other than where your traditional contact information is printed ,briefly list information about your CD and other merchandise you have for sale, and where people can buy your releases. (internet, live shows, mail order)
On the back get creative and list other interesting facts about yourself or your music than fans and industry people might appreciate knowing about.

Become a Music Marketing Matchmaker

Maintain a supply of local music related businesses business cards and distributes them to likely musician and music lovers you know. Using return address labels, create a sticker that says " referred by (your name or band name here)"
Placed on the back of other people's business cards, the stickers reminds the person who you are, and you get great word of mouth name recognition over time, and you’ve helped a local music related business get some customers, as well as helped your music fans learn about where to get the best local help for the their music needs.
The customer is reminded of a cool business, and your name is the first one the prospect hears. (“ So and so recommended that I talk to you”)
Turn Your Fans Onto Other Cool Music

On your website, (you DO have your own website don’t you?) create a section where you and your fellow musicians regularly recommend other local bands and great music that you think your fans would enjoy.
The benefit of this is that you are not seen as strictly a selfish musician obsessed with promoting your own music. Your fans will benefit and thank you over time for all the cool music you have turned them onto.
On a professional level, as you recommend other bands and acts, they will get the word from others that you have recommended their music. Can’t hurt when it comes to finding other artists to perform live with at various gigs.

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