Friday, June 5, 2009

After Using Facebook for a Week

I have always advocated that musicians and bands MUST use Facebook and most should use MySpace as well

However, using Facebook personally never appealed to me. But two weeks ago I took the plunge, and now I can say...for MYSELF...I don't really have the time that so many seem to have to describe their activities on a minute by minute basis (plus even more boring details on their tedious Twitter pages.) I have had some good experiences with it. I actually heard from folks I haven't been in touch with for 20 or more years, and that was 'nice'.

But after making 'friends' with so many of them, I feel burdened down by it. Obligated in some way. I have enough to do as a semi- retired music biz consultant and I don't want to be more engaged or feeling like I HAVE to stay in touch, or say something to my 'friends' since I did indeed sign up and get an account.

I think if I was younger I would be posting like crazy, but I don't want to be busier than I already am.

I am happy being semi- invisible, so to speak, and so I will go back to hiding in my already created digital arenas (website,blog. email,etc.) Hell, I have been on the web with my website,
since 1995! Now that's what I call being visible...I have tons of fans of my writings all over the world, I am not that hungry for more.

Right now, as I said at the start. for any musicians and bands out there needing to promote the hell out of yourselves. Facebook, and yes, MySpace and of course Twitter are all a must.
I think what I will do, is slow down. Ignore my guilt for not wanting to be very social. and get back to doing those things I like to do.

Like: I am writing new chapters for the next edition of my book due late this fall. And...

Big news! I now have the audio MP3 disc version of 'Music Is Your Business' FOR SALE on my site so go BUY IT!! and of course I will spend a lot of time getting the word out on it. It is so cool to be able to rip and burn and transfer my WHOLE BOOK into a MP3 player. Take as much, or as little of it as you reading!! Just Listen and Learn.

So, I guess we all find our balance in this crazy world and I will use Facebook and I will use Twitter....when I have something to say.

Bye for now