Thursday, September 30, 2010

5th Tip Never To Be Forggotten

5. Design some decent looking promotional materials.

The topic of designing and creating effective promotional materials; bios, fact sheets, cover letters, photos, websites or whatever is a lengthy one to say the least. My tip to help musicians promote their careers, and contribute to their getting any deal offers, is to make the promo materials as compelling, and informative as possible.

Take an inventory of your accomplishments, positive reviews, past sales, and live appearance highlights, and organize them into professionally written bios etc. Having done that, time also needs to be taken to research who to send the materials to, and to ask each potential recipient what type of information they would like to have sent to them.

No ‘generic’ kit's, electronic or otherwise, should ever be created or sent out to any gatekeepers in the music business. Most gatekeepers in the industry today will want you to send any requested materials via email attachments.

Be sure though to ask them what they prefer; email attachments or snail mail goodies.

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