Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Kind of Luck Do You Have?

There are Four kinds of luck;

1. Dumb luck

2. Blind luck

3. Good luck

4. Bad luck

So, as a band-member or indie artist what kind of luck do you have?

Let's look at the First kind of luck:

Dumb luck.

This is the kind of luck that you stumble on, but having stumbled on it, you can't figure out what happened. It could have been either good luck or bad luck, but the point is you were not aware of it, so you either missed a great opportunity or encountered some bad luck and escaped without knowing how you could have dealt with it. Dumb luck happens when you are not conscious of what is going on around you.

Example: You have a listening party and are introduced to someone in attendance who is well respected in the live performance booking business. You are not aware of this person's reputation but they say they love your music and could help you get more gigs. Well, you either say something to sound cool, like " Oh, yeah...thanks", but the next day the person contacts you and offers you a gig supporting a bigger act. You say to yourself " Now, how did that happen" - having no memory of meeting the person at your party,or interest in knowing how it came about. So, you had some good dumb luck.

Conversely, you meet someone at your listening party and but you are so wrapped up in your own ego you don't pay attention to the introduction and land up actually insulting the person who could have gotten you better gigs. They just walk away shaking their head thinking " what's up with that character?" You don't make a connection and what's worse you are not even aware you lost an opportunity.
That is bad Dumb luck.

Blind Luck:

This is the kind of luck that presents an opportunity to are aware of it, but you have no idea how it came about or how to deal with it.

Example: you have always wanted to meet an A&R Rep from some label and you are introduced to that person, but can't remember what to say to them, or it dawns on you that you really are clueless, but remain speechless, not knowing what you next move should be. But the person helps you out and reminds you that they are an A&R Rep from the label you were interested in. That is good Blind luck.

If you meet this A&R Rep and don't notice the hints the person gives you about sending in your music to them, well you have just experienced bad Bling luck.

Good Luck:

This kind of luck you do recognize when it comes along. AND you know what to do about it and how to react to it. You are also very happy and pleased that 'luck has come your way" and you are prepared on all levels to deal with the situation.

Example: At that first party where the booker is introduced to you. You recognize the person's name AND you address him/her by their name saying something like
" Thanks so much for coming to my release party. I have heard about you for so long, and I really appreciate your taking the time to come to our party. I would love to talk more with you about how we might work together." And the booker says "Lets have lunch tomorrow." That is good luck, really good luck. You have done your homework, you knew how to react to the meeting, and you were fully aware of your opportunity.

Bad Luck:

Remember the lyrics to that old blues song "If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all." That, in a nutshell is what bad luck is all about. This kind of luck can come about when either dumb luck or blind luck have become a habit for now just attract bad things, like some kind of magnet.

Example: Music business people are always looking for some really killer new artist or band, but you have created a reputation over the years that when your name comes up, those people you have dealt with stupidly or unconsciously want nothing to do with you, and so you lose opportunities, and eventually you are 'damaged goods'
God help the talented but clueless artist or band because you now have nothing but Bad luck coming your way.

Learning about how that evasive thing called 'Luck' works can really open your eyes to the situations you create and/or the situations that come your way.

Stay awake! The career you save may be your own.

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