Friday, May 7, 2010

What Happens WhenYou Really Connect

I am in San Francisco tonight. I had a reunion dinner with 3 of my best friends/employees and a partner from when I owned my record store, Aquarius Records, in the 70's. Tonight was great. It was like a certain time stood still for a few hours, or maybe just came back for awhile to make this reunion evening a reminder of how important we all were, and are, to each other. But also it was a reminder of what we did at that store...turning-on our customers (and each other) to the best music we could find out there. And believe me we all had our own musical tastes, but those different tastes are what cemented our friendships.

I felt tonight like I have another family of sorts with them. And tonight we reminded each other of those shared musical memories and the customers we knew, and other friends we worked with and we really just picked up where we left off so many years ago.

So that is what YOU can get when you find like-minded people who you trust in this wonderful music business world, a sense of not just friendship and bonding but a sense of a special kind of family feeling that can last your lifetime.

We all live our lives apart from each other; but even though years may pass between contacts (and in some cases years DID pass before tonight's reunion and when we worked together) we will be forever connected.

Another cool thing tonight was that the music scene we worked in back so many years ago were defining times for all us. With almost 30-odd years gone by, now as older people we can reflect on how we went out into our own worlds; some making homes or breaking up homes, having kids-or not, but caring enough about each other that we wanted to get back together to see each other as we are now, and reflect on who we were and what memories we shared.

This was a good night, the best of nights. a rare chance to be reminded of how important music was to us all then, and how it continues to be a big part of our lives now.

"When can we do this again?" one of us asked as we said goodbye.

Soon was the answer. We will make sure we do it again, and we won't wait 30 more years for it to happen.

This is what can happen to you when you really connect with the music friends you have today. Your musical comrades-in-arms.

At least I hope this happens to you someday, you deserve friends like this.


  1. Very nice Chris... this is what makes doing what you love so valuable, important, and rewarding. I also think of all of the friends I have made over the years, and you are one of them. Ike Eichelkraut was another person who comes to mind when I was reading this. Great job on the blog! Alex

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