Sunday, February 14, 2010

Radio's Reasons NOT To Play A Song (2010 Version)

Over the years this list of radio's excuses for NOT playing a song has grown and expanded, and even been updated for technology. I first got a copy in the mid 90's, so as far as I know, this is the latest version of it...Add some more to it if you like and email them to me at


1. Not for us or our sound

2. No room

3. No label support

4. Want to give record the best shot so we will have to wait till when we
have more room

5. No local sales

6. No national action

7. Considering...

8. Watching and waiting

9. Wrong image

10. It's not modal

11. Needs another copy

12. Poor reaction from test marketing it

13. The jocks don't like it

14. No phone reaction

15. We played the import

16. We're going to wait and see what the competition does

17. Will wait for the single

18. The record's not in any kind of stores around here

19. Need approval from Atlanta

20. I like it but the P.D. doesn't

21. It was vetoed in the music meeting

22. Too hard

23. Too soft

24. Its wimpy

25. Not as good as their last release

26. It needs to be re-listened to

27. It sounds too disco-ish

28. It sounds too pop

29. We didn't get the co-promotion

30. Trade #'s don't merit airplay

31. Sounds like everything else

32. Its not a good record

33. I don't like it

34. The mp3 file wouldn’t play

35. The music file crashed my computer

36. We only play stuff that “ rocks “

37. Saving room for when new releases get scheduled

38. Going into the library

39. Too many women singers right now

40. We want to hear a hook

41. No tip sheet advertising

42. Nothing about it hits me

43. Don't like the mix

44. Not enough guitar

45. Too many strings

46. Over-produced

47. Under-produced

48. Don't like the band’s name

49. This song is not consistent with their last release

50. Our listeners won't be able to relate

51. Too rhythm oriented

52. Send all our jocks copies

53. Can't play too many singles

54. That music only works in the big markets

55. We’ll wait till more stations play it

56. Not our kind of music

57. Too alternative

58. Not alternative enough

59. Where’s the beat…the BEAT!

60. I’ve misplaced it, but its here somewhere, call me back

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