Monday, July 19, 2010

5 Tips on Writing a '4 Front' Promotion (Radio Airplay) Plan

(copyright 2010 Christopher Knab: all rights reserved)

1. Remember that your focus is on ALL types of broadcast AIRPLAY, not just commercial and non-commercial public radio, but Internet broadcasters and XM/Sirius satellite radio too. Remember that the details you must include are: selecting, convincing, and working with your selected stations with the goal being to secure as much airplay for your artist as possible. That IS the reason for funding and implementing a realistic Promotion Plan.

2. State clearly what your GOAL is for the Promotion Plan; write a clear and concise summary paragraph that describes the music format/genre of your artist, and gives a brief biographical statement on who they are, and what they have achieved, and what they hope to achieve with Radio’s help.

3. Remember the “Four Fronts” and focus on how RADIO AIRPLAY, with the assistance of ‘Product Development’, ‘Publicity’, and ‘Performance’ methods should all be SUMMARIZED to show support in each of the 4 Front areas, because the “Four Fronts” are interrelated and inter-dependent on each other.

4. Create an Airplay ‘TIMELINE’ carefully, considering any and all promotional activities that must be planned for, and give enough time for each activity to be prepared in time for the Release date of your recording being given to traditional radio and all other broadcasters.

5. Remember that if you do a thorough and complete job on this ‘Promotion Plan’, that you will be in good shape for creating your Distribution and Sales Plan (Product Development), as well as your separate ‘Publicity Plan’, and your plans for performing live and touring, (the Performance Plan).

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