Friday, June 18, 2010

The Problem With Constant Content Updates

I have been on my back, more or less, for the last week after taking a nasty spill in the shower while staying at a hotel in Portland, Oregon. I injured my right ribcage and all the muscles and soft tissue surrounding them, so this is my first new blog posting since that fall.

And I have had a lot of time to think...lots of time!

At first I went through feeling guilty about not being able to write my Blog of the Day, not to mention no Twittering, or posting on Facebook. I started to think that with all I have been told, not constantly being present on all of the above sites was going to rapidly make what I have to say about music marketing irrelevant solely because "I was not contributing".

Well, that thought thankfully lasted only a few minutes. Then other thoughts came to mind:

"SO WHAT!" was the next thought, and I began to relax a bit.

"So what" indeed.

I read in the paper today (by coincidence) an article about the importance of constant communication if you are a business person, an artist, or anyone who wants to capture the internet browser's eye with your message of what you are up to. The article went on to say that if you want to compete your MUST communicate via a blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc on a regular-actually-daily basis.

Well, this ticked me off.

I was injured for god's sake. I was down for the count for 6 days...ooohh, I have been forgotten by my so-called fans and/or followers. I have committed the ultimate sin..."Bless me father for I have sinned. I have not posted today."

Well, if constant communication is the name of the game, and if we are now all going to be judged by what we haven't done, making all that we have done in the past irrelevant, then so be it.

Perhaps my slip in the shower was a gift of sorts.

I had to stop for a short while. I had to let my body heal up a bit, and damn if that didn't turn out to be just what I needed to do.

But the bigger question for the day is this:

"Are we beginning to judge the information we come across on the web, in blogs and Twitters et al as being valid information only because its here NOW?"

What of a person's whole body of work? If it isn't updated almost daily is that work old and in the way? Outdated? Irrelevant?

I for one certainly hope not. That would indeed be a new kind of sin...the sin of non-communication with thy brethren.

Well, consider me a digital-non-communicating sinner for my 6 day absence from the 'scene'.

So, as I continue to recover I will test any of you who may come across this posting, and ask you if my 6 day 'sick-leave' has made me irrelevant by absence, I encourage you to visit my website
and take a look around. Go visit the many links I have to dozens of articles in my library of music business information.

Do that, and maybe you will see that just because a person doesn't regularly contribute constantly via the internet, that their information can actually be quite relevant.

I have to rest again now...I will see you when I feel up to it.


  1. Some times, less is more....

    ++ Rob ++
    D4D Music

  2. Chris, glad you are feeling better and walking around again. AS for your point, shame on those of us who have to take time off from social media to work on a musical project, or for some reason do not have internet access! I think it may be like watching a soap opera, but if we have to miss a few days by the next show we'll be caught up. We may be advised to do daily updates but aren't they just tid bits of information? The world continues to spin, if we have to take a break for awhile we'll just jump back on again when we're ready.