Monday, May 25, 2009

Holidays Are A Waste of Time

Bah, holidays!

Who can take time out from twitering, blogging, reading all the Google Alerts that come pouring in?

Not me, and hopefully not you. You're a musician. Either in a band or on your own. The best quote I remember regarding this issue was from a panel I was on at a CMJ conference. (the one that was postponed due to 9/11, and the one that was on the weekend of the anthrax attacks)

Anyway, there were two young girls, from an Irish band there with me (I forgot their names, shame on me) but when we took questions from the audience, someone asked them "You sound so busy, when do you take your vacations?) They turned to each other and said simultaneously
" what vacations"?

Ahh, what a great answer! Really as independent musicians there are no days off. So, when a holiday comes along like this recent Memorial Day weekend, how many of you stopped because you thought you could? It was a holiday!

Wrong...maybe you should think of most holidays way in advance and put on a free show to compete with the all-too-expensive "Star" attractions that are put on all over town. or if you need a time to catch up on any bookkeeping what a perfect time to sit down for a few hours and get caught up.

Ever since the explosion of Interent Marketing, all of us have more to do than ever before!
So, we have another holiday coming up soon...the 4th of July. AND this year it is on a weekend!! Whoa... are you really thinking of taking 3 or 4 days OFF!!!. Yikes i say!

Its not too late to change any plans you have for that holiday and any activities you could come up with to further your career.

Think about it, IF you need some down time, and for sure that IS needed. they don't HAVE to be on a holiday weekend. Look at a calendar and pick some off peak times to rest up, but the thing of it is...the rest of the population HAS to take those typical holidays off to rest up, maybe you don't. Maybe you could entertain some of them, and/or, as I said, take that time to do the backed-up business of paperwork of some kind.

Just a thought, rest up now :-)

Chris Knab

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